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Design Education SIG

Design Education SIG

About Design Education SIG


To bring together academics, designers, training professionals and others throughout the world who have an interest in design education at the tertiary level.


General Aim: To provide a forum for the identification, sharing and dissemination of best practice in design education.
In order to achieve this aim DESIG will seek to undertake the following;

  1. Organise an international design education conference every two years (in non ICED, "even" years)
  2. Organise an international design education workshop every two years (in ICED, "uneven" years)
  3. Collaborate with national design education organisations in the organisation of national design education conferences
  4. Promote working groups to develop key design education issues
  5. Promote special design education issues of journals
  6. Maintain a design education resource web site (restricted to membership, download/upload, sponsorship)
  7. Other activities as deemed appropriate.


  • Prof Ahmed Kovacevic, City University London, UK
  • Dr Erik Bohemia, Loughborough University, UK
  • Prof Bill Ion, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
  • Prof Chris McMahon, University of Bristol, England
  • Prof. Phil Doepker, University of Daytona, USA
  • Prof. Peter Hogarth, University of Bournemouth, England
  • Prof Peter Lloyd, University of Brighton, England
  • Prof Peter Childs, Imperial College London, England

Type of events

E&PDE - Engineering and Product Design Education - Biannual conferences and workshops.

Type of publications

Conference proceedings


The DESIG has been formed from the Sharing Experience in Engineering Design (SEED) organisation, founded in the United Kingdom some twenty years ago with the aim of fostering the exchange of experience in design education.

Design Education SIG
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